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Find A Way Podcast by FreshFounders

#63 Fashion Industry w/ Christine Eruokwu

Christine is the founder of Kaima Designs, an African-inspired trendsetting clothing brand whose Corporate Social Responsibility prioritizes poverty reduction through girl-child education and women empowerment initiatives in West Africa. 

She co-founded United Colours of Fashion, a non-profit whose mission revolves around harnessing the talents of newcomers and persons of BIPOC heritage in the fashion industry by creating training opportunities that enable them to become active players towards the growth of the local economy while promoting multiculturalism. 

Christine also sits on the board of three non-profits and occasionally speaks at youth engagement sessions where she inspires young leaders to be the best version of themselves. She was recognized as one of the Most Inspiring Immigrants in Atlantic Canada and awarded the Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee medal in January 2023 for her contributions in the community. 

Find A Way Podcast by FreshFounders

#62 Financial Inclusion w/ Amadeu Ferreira

Amadeu Ferreira, CEO & Founder of Vambora, is a FinTech innovator championing financial inclusion who moved from Brazil to Canada with his wife in 2016.

With a unique background in legal, financial analysis, and product development, he's transforming the financial landscape for those underserved by traditional systems. As an immigrant, he’s passionate about helping newcomers to succeed in their new homes.

Find A Way Podcast by FreshFounders

#61 Tech-Driven Climate Solutions w/ Ataman Nikian

Ataman is the co-founder of Maple excellence. An innovative CO2-Energy auditor company that leverages technology for scalable, affordable, efficient, and effective auditing of carbon and energy. 

Ataman has over 12 years of experience in the field of industrial engineering and also has the lead auditor certificates from IRCA for multiple ISO certifications. He is also developing his own knowledge in the Decarbonizing field. 

Ataman believes that a better life depends on having a better environment and society. We need to save our wonderful planet and eliminate GHG.

Find A Way Podcast by FreshFounders

#60 AI Coach w/ Anferny Chen

Anferny is a serial entrepreneur with experience in FinTech, EdTech, and consulting work in data analytics. He is currently leading the business and data science team at Dataraction. He and his talented team is working on the implementation of hyperledger fabric (in other words, blockchain), building customized analytics dashboards, and developing an "AI Coach" recommendation system. 

The team at Dataraction is specializing in advanced AI/ML tools from IBM, GCP, and AWS. 

Anferny is a recognized Distinguished Research Fellow at Tsinghua University and is an Ambassador of the Harvard Business Analytics Program. He holds an MBA from The Schulich School of Business and an MMA from Queen's University.


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