Down, Never Out

When you’re fighting for the life of your business, you need a network of mentors who have actually been there in your corner.
Fresh Founders are battle-hardened and ready to stand with you.

Together, we’ll take it on


Ingrid T. Polini
CEO, SafetyDocs Global


Mike Kelland
CEO, Planetary Hydrogen

Fresh Founders is for startups and entrepreneurs

Fresh Founders specializes in supporting startups in early stages to build and scale their company. By investing in emerging startups, we help grow the next generation of successful businesses. Our team provides not only funding, but mentorship and guidance to help entrepreneurs.

Founder to Founder

The difference between theory and practice is hard, cold reality. Running a company goes beyond theory in a million different ways. Every member of Fresh Founders has been there.

We’ve got your back.

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Get Back in The Fight

You’ve made it. Now what? You could invest passively, or you could make your money matter. Become the investor and mentor you wish you had when you were coming up.

Money is stored energy. Use it well.

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