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Practice Management Software Solutions for Professionals

Aiwyn helps professional services firms speed up cash flow, save valuable time, and delight clients by revolutionizing the work-to-cash cycle.

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Send Global Rewards to Clients or Employees

Hoppier makes it easy to distribute spending cards to event attendees for lunches, cocktails, gifts, or anything you can think of to increase event registration, attendance, engagement, and sponsorship revenue.

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Consulting & Digital Service Software for Public and Private Sector

Capita builds investment DAOs to help large organizations efficiently allocate capital, while automating governance and administration.

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Ownership Enrichment Platform

Clyde helps brands take control and take care of the post-purchase experience for their customers. Clyde has reimagined product protection, registration, and issue resolution to help create beautiful, unified ownership experiences for customers.

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Procure-To-Pay Platform for Service Contracts

PayShepherd is the intelligent platform that automates performance monitoring for service contracts-ensuring cost control, compliance and total confidence.

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Crypto Accounting & Tax Platform

BitWave combines tax and accounting capabilities with workflow and process expertise, allowing enterprises to survive and thrive in the financial revolution made possible by cryptocurrency.

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Business Valuation Platform

InterVal offers a better way for financial and advisory-focused institutions to help their business owners leverage real-time valuation data to make better, more informed financial decisions.

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Construction Insight Software helps business developers and marketers in construction stay ahead of the industry with real-time recommended early project opportunities, tools to monitor and track upstream client activities, and data-backed company profiles that allow for faster relationship development in new markets.

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Creative Layer

Web3 Company

Creative Layer builds tools for creators to tap into new revenue streams in the metaverse.

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Transportation Platform

Uride is Canada’s fastest growing ridesharing company. Uride was created to fill the massive transportation void that exists in small and mid-market communities that have yet to experience ridesharing.

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Financial Planning and Analysis Platform

Jirav delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping clients understand where their business has been and predict where they are going. The system joins cloud-based Accounting, HR, CRM and billing data to automatically surface a sophisticated, interconnected model that is unique to each business.

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