Fresh Founders is an exclusive, invite-only, mastermind group of founders, CEOs and high-impact individuals who are out to change the world.

In 2007, as Facebook and other new internet businesses were beginning to take off - here in Ottawa, Canada - our own “Silicon North” was quickly taking shape. 

A curious and passionate group of rookie entrepreneurs - including Tobias Lutke, Founder & CEO of Shopify - initially started an informal gathering of like minded people who were interested in building new companies, powered by this emerging wave of technology.

Guided by cooperation and fuelled by new ideas, they gathered in coffee shops and bars to exchange tactics, strategies, leadership lessons and more - all learned through their relentless work trying to build their companies and the city they call home.

Today, Fresh Founders continues to support local founders and their startups. With over 150+ active members, Fresh Founders is one of the driving forces of entrepreneurship in the Nation’s Capital.

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