What is the Fresh Founders Fund? The Fresh Founders Fund (F3) is an angel group of experienced founders investing in founder driven companies. In 2006, a group of entrepreneurs started hanging out in coffee shops sharing war stories and encouraging each other to think big. As these founders scaled their companies and grew the fresh founders network, it was clear that giving back and mentoring each new generation was a powerful formula for success. Investing in companies joining the fresh founders network was a natural transition; and so the fresh founders fund was born.






Here are just a few of the amazing companies being funded by the Fresh Founders Fund.








In order to access the fresh founders fund, you’ll need to apply to join fresh founders, and setup an application here. Our organizing team will then review the applications in order to ensure that founders and their companies fit our guidelines. This way, everyone you interact with in the network is exceptional in some way.

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We went from founding Fluidware in 2008 to sale to SurveyMonkey in 6.5 years – you can’t do that without a strong support network of top entrepreneurs – FreshFounders is that network in Canada.

Aydin Mirzaee

CEO & founder , Fluidware

Fresh Founders has such an important place in my heart as I know firsthand the benefits of bringing young entrepreneurs together. In its earliest days, Shopify was just a couple of young entrepreneurs using a coffee shop as an office, taking mentorship from anyone willing to offer. It’s so important to share time, resources and life lessons with other entrepreneurs – you never know what you can learn from one another and what amazing things can grow from these encounters.

Harley Finkelstein

Chief Platform Officer , Shopify

Fresh Founders is the most useful organization that I’ve ever joined. It’s like a Jedi Council for entrepreneurs.

Dr. Paul Lem

CEO & founder , Spartan Bioscience

I love Fresh Founders because it brings together passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs who all share the common goal of building great products and businesses.

Luc Levesque

VP, TripAdvisor

I love Fresh Founders because it attracts entrepreneurs who are committed to building great companies, and encourages its members to aim higher and think bigger.

Nazim Ahmed

Co-founder, CanvasPop and DNA11

I love Fresh Founders because, as a group, it challenges everyone to think bigger. Thinking big, as basic as it sounds, is one of the hardest things for humans to get right. The best trick is to have a strong group like Fresh Founders to help.

Tobi Lütke

CEO & Co-Founder, Shopify










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